• Pittsburgh Penguins
    Designed to harmonize with an existing Penguins shield, this groundbreaking word mark needed to correspond with the team’s established colors. We created an original custom font that reflects the dazzling speed of hockey and the aggressive shape of a penguin’s beak.
  • PurBlu Beverages
    For a bottling company in search of a fresh identity, we selected a blue-and-silver theme to reflect the purity of their flagship bottled water brand, which is drawn from a crystal-clear Pennsylvania spring. The new identity was extended into signage and packaging.
  • Trademark Foods
    When two chefs got together and decided to base
    their catering business on wholesome, locally sourced ingredients, they literally wanted to trademark their food—and their venture. Our logo solution helped
    them do exactly that.
  • Fantasia
    When Bayer Material Science stepped into the world of color and plastics, a distinctive spoon shape helped designers visualize the possibilities of a whole new set of technologies. Our logo work captured the spoon theme with a clean, fresh flare that appealed vividly to the target audience.
  • Biltmore Estate Collection
    After painting America’s largest home—Biltmore Estate—for many years, Olympic Paints decided to bring the historic landmark’s colors and the beauty to everyday homes. We created four unique color collections showcased in an inspiring Olympic Paints merchandiser for Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.
  • Entrenet Product Catalog
    Entrenet Nutritionals specializes in distributing health and wellness products through network marketing. Our assignment was to develop a flexible catalog system that would enable customers to choose the products they wanted to sell. We developed a distinctive logo, then color-coded each product line in an easy-to use system.
  • Fantasia Announcement
    The Fantasia color-plastics program needed a way to pack individual samples in light-proof, scratch-resistant enclosures, which could be then encased in a larger sales folder. We designed this sales folder to not only fit in a standard Fed Ex envelope for ease of shipping, but also ensured it could act as a stand alone file folder with a unique fold-out spoon shaped tab.
  • Yanni Annual Report
    Yanni Partners was in need of an upgrade for their annual report which was previously created in PowerPoint, then duplicated at a local copy center. After analyzing the project and designing a simple, elegant, two-color report, we found that we could also produce a rich foil stamp for the cover and still come
    in under-budget.
  • Audubon Color Collections
    Working with the National Audubon Society, Olympic Paints asked us to develop color collections inspired by nature. We based our palettes on photographer Tim Fitzharris’s images, then designed and shot interiors that showcased this whole new range of stunning color combinations.
  • Olympic Idea Cards
    When it was time to update Olympic’s in-store display swatch cards, we designed a dramatically larger, customer-pleasing format. One side featured supersized paint chips and photos of color-scheme-inspiring objects; the other, interior design shots to show what happens when paint meets inspiration.
  • Trendcast Program
    With a sales team looking to leverage color as a key selling proposition, PPG Industrial Coatings turned to us. Our solution was Trendcast, an original name for a groundbreaking program. In addition to creating the new identity, we developed a comprehensive presentation and a striking leave-behind brochure.
  • Trendcast Sample Kit
    Building on Trendcast’s success, we worked alongside R&D to develop new colors and effects. We then designed a unique sample form with a small opening that enabled designers to envision color combinations easily. For travel convenience, the kit was sized to be FAA-compliant.
  • Olympic Paints Display
    When Olympic was in need of a fresh new display at retail, we first engaged in research to determine the preferred palette size and tools to maximize the space effectively. Targeting the female consumer, our design was inspired by high-end cosmetic displays. A curve was added to create a welcoming environment, and to maximize the much needed shelf space. With the palette showcased in the center, brochure collections with larger take-home chips were housed on each side creating a beautiful, balanced solution.
  • Olympic Stain Display
    For consumers, understanding exterior stains can be challenging. We simplified the product selection process by presenting Olympic's four finishes in an organized, visually pleasing arrangement while maintaining the rich imagery that traditionally supported the brand. Our display design also offered inspirational project guides and take-home stain samples.
  • Grand Distinction Display
    Our challenge: Design a display for Menard’s home-improvement stores that would appeal to women and drive sales for PPG’s high-end paint line. Inspired by lifestyle and fashion magazines, the color collection we created gave customers palettes they could identify with, and helped get them excited about the paint selection process. We also made sure space was dedicated to make a direct connection back to the Grand Distinction paint and its superior performance features.
  • Bayer Fantasia Sales Kit
    When Bayer Material Science wanted to demonstrate their innovative new plastic color technologies, they knew compelling leave-behind materials were crucial since samples were limited. We helped manage cost and maximize exposure with vivid 3D renderings of the samples, integrated with a DVD and brochure. The sample kit itself fit into a tote that met FAA carry-on requirements. Bayer’s sales team agreed: best to get the presentation on the plane, even if other luggage had to stay on the tarmac.
  • Purblu Beverages
    Give life, give love, give hope, give strength: This is more then just another water bottle! Each container enables you to give back part of the purchase price to your choice of four charities. Inspired by the proverb, “A drop at a time makes the rivers flow,” the two-color labels save natural resources, but still create a strong shelf presence.
  • Taste of Chocolate
    Life may be like a box of chocolates, but it helps if it comes in a beautiful bronze package. It gets even better when that package ships flat for assembly as needed, without glue, saving storage space and time. We developed the name, the brand, the boxes, and the signage ... and coordinated all the production.