Analyze your present color palettes and sales tools. Research your target market's culture, preferences, and trends. Study your product lines, brand positioning,
and competition. Conduct focus groups, surveys, and interviews.

Concept Development
Develop concepts for permanent in-store display or color sales kit. Create new,
or adjust existing, color palettes. Develop concepts for all color sales materials. Evaluate concepts through focus groups, surveys, and interviews.

Collaborate with display vendor on final design, engineering, and material selection. Work with your lab and manufacturing team to finalize new color development. Design, write, specify, and manage the production of color sales materials. Plan and direct studio and location photography. Color-correct images to match paint colors in 4-color process. Digitally archive images for later usage. Manage multiple-language translations. Evaluate printing vendors and attend press checks.

Create overall promotional concept. Plan and produce media relations events
and materials. Coordinate, write, design, and art-direct advertising campaign.